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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New poem

Here is a brand-new poem

The exhumed

The sirens sound
In the morning swell
Echoes off sodden ground
Touches up-on the hallow knell
Earth struggles to keep its peace
With the tears that do not cease
Zephyrs haunt the empty streets
As lonely spirits shorn from sleep
My senses fill with petrichor
As the dole and the dead weep

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The edifice and the ephemera

New, original poem. thanks for reading!

Stability aint what it used to be
Eve' the pebbles
Once content to huddle
Have split,
Fissures forming 
In the top of summer
As the gossamer seams 
Binding my mind-
It rains
But the drains 
Catch, they bubble
Too long,
Catch and bubble,
Be, and froth
There's more to the storm
compelling me
To some end-
-I fear-
Worst than the penultimate
That dreadful
Of dream-ensconced-days
-It is here-
 of the vivid hour
Visceral lover 
longing for me
As killer to prey
He is there, surely
Creeping, calling
He is there-

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Of yearning, of death, of boundless life

Hey folks, I wrote this new, original poem tonight. Hope you enjoy!

I, in the dreggy eve
Have felt the distinct chill
Of a lonely spirit pass o'er
Bone-chilled by phantom
I imagine the bards of old
Scribing of death as posey
A phantasy constrained
By quill and verse
Crafted by flesh-bound hands,
Yet did they understand
The flesh-lorn feel
Of unborn-weeping night?

A night born of darkness,
Lithe light interned
In the grave of absence,
It was wood, splinter and sweat
They crafted to master the waves
And dream their feckless dreams,
Mocking the restless dead,
Called their names in pyres
Blasphemed by the fires
Moaned at the climax of day
Of hands grasping only
The afterglow.
So it was that the dead
And reclaimed the living.

Monday, November 3, 2014

A love poem

Hey all,

I wrote this original poem last night (11-3) and edited it today. Thank you, as always, for reading my work. I hope you enjoy it!

I've loved you forever,
But forgot in a day,
 Silent light shaded
By your delicate lids
-It never ceased-
The low, determined thrumming,
Entrained beat against
My carceral heart,
Idyllic beauty entwined
In ivory-vine and august scent,
As if a living censor,
Though in the twilight fever,
While the spirits flutter
In delirium and dying haze
I see you again,
Pale, lithe aghast,
In funeral display,
Perfect and pallid in repose,
Smooth as the lacquered wood
Holding your bones-
Glazed lovingly by
Death’s steady hand.
There, I slumbered,
Resting my head
On your moribund mantel-piece
Rife with dreams of
Resurrected hope,
Twice crucified
On the cross of ambulant life.

Still, I sing our eldritch love,
Still, I water your roof-top lilies,
Bathe them in my tears,
And, await in trepidation,
For that horrid-hopeful day
 When lurking Madness
 Brings me back to you.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

(An elegy) To those left behind

Hey folks,

New, original poem. I penned this on the 18th and edited it and typed it up today! I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for your support, as always!

(An elegy) To those left behind

Sharp, she focused
On the small movements
Swift, things creeping in the dark
Her listless dreams
Silent, sighs to their
Piercing screams
Soft, the movement
Of rudderless mouths,
As if to stay,
Sessile, to the harbors-
Shadows, in garish day
Occupying naught but
Sepulcher spaces
Of light-forsaken solitude.

She could stare ‘till expiry
-Still, never-
Stop her mortal thirst,
Sadist, land
Choking sand and the memories
Of oasis dreams, long buried
Sometimes, she believes
In be-guiling streams,
Gaunt, greedily gulped
Salvation, so close to her
Golgotha touch,
Arms spread, 
Like the penitent thief
Salvaging, what ghosts
Still, giving up
For whatever draughts
- Left-
In that weary cup
Strangled, by its bitter swell
Starving, for a single memory
Days arrested by death,
Slinking, creeping
In that sickly space
Between waking
And dreams. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The hungry

Here's a new original poem. It is a poem that praises human potential and the power of us to overcome the shackles that bind us, of the superstitious nature or the every day chains of negative thinking/every day manacles that hold us down. I hope you enjoy & thanks for reading!

In the morning
The angel awoke
To thrust aloft
His mighty thurible
Wafting wisteria
To the hungry ephemera,
Roses, embittered by eternal winter,
Shook the slumbering dew
From their trembling lids
Like idyllic doe
In a sepulcher world,
They tremble and gape
Grasping the fleshless void-
Facing the first sweats
Of fever,
A singular sickness
That creeps into timid hearts
At the expiry of day.
Feckless children awaiting
The terrible
Sojourn of night,
Eldritch stars frozen in moribund nude,
Lost to
The creeping fog.

Still, in the silence of the grave
-A Whisper-
"From the blood of stars,
Boundless bone of limestone,
Womb of
Blind fledgling life,
We rise to the trumpeted
Bellows of our own
Deific design,
From the doldrums of our
Dogged souls-
We sip your blessed poison
-And march on-
We sample your fallen apple
-And march on-
We face your thundering floods
-And march on-
We endure your sadist winters
-And march on-
We set our Martyrs alight
-And march on-
In the darkness you created
We strike a blinding torch
And immolate your gilded throne
As the flame melts the cast-iron
And sets the slaving free-
We march on."

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New, original Swahili Poem

Hello friends, I wrote this original poem about Prometheus in Swahili. For those who speak the language, enjoy!!
"Prometheus na Moto daima"
Kianzilishi (Prologue)

Nilimuona yeye wakati moja

-Miake iliopita-

Nilimsikia yeye

Alikuwa akilia

Alikuwa… akipiga unyende

Mwili wake

Ulifungwa kwa jiwe mbovu

Jiwe la damu, jiwe la uovu

-Tusiweze kusahau-

Alikuwa akilia kwa maana

Alikuwa akiota

Kuhusu jamii, alituota sisi,

Alidhani kuhusu alivyotupenda sisi,

Kwa hivyo, baba wetu

Mtukufu, mwenye hodari

 Aliiumwa ndege mkali

Moyo wake ulikulwa

Ngozi yake ilikatwa-

Ndege huo, huo ndege mwovu

Ulimuuma Prometheus

Kukata, kupasua

Damu yake ilimwagwa

-Alitufikiria sisi tu-

Damu yake ilipotea

-Alitufikiria sisi tu-

Prometheus Alitupa sisi kila kitu

Kwa hivyo, nitawaambia hadithi hii

Hadithi hii ni kweli,

Nitakavyowaambia hadithi

Ni ilivyotukiwa.

Hadithi hii: Prometheus na moto wa daima.


Kianza cha kwanza


Kabla ya wakati ulipozaliwa

Kabla ya kitu cha kwanza,

Kuna Miungu wa ugiriki,

Kabla ya kitu cha kwanza


Kwamba kitaweza kuzaliwa

Hapo Zamani, wakati vitu havikutamani

Kwa urafiki na mapendo

Miungu hao ni viongozi wa

Dunia na Mbinguni

-Hapo zamani-

Kabla ya kitu cho chote kilipiga kelele,

Na Wakati huo huo,

Viongozi hao

Husherehekea, hukunywa mvinyo ya damu

Hucheza walipo mwili wa nyota

Lakini Zeus, baba wa miungu

Alihisi wasiwasi,

Alihisi peke yake,

Ijapokuwa alikuwa na miungu wengi,

Alihisi peke bado.

Zeus alidhani kwamba atazae maisha

Maisha makudumu

Maisha wataweza waisho,

Vitu kama taa ya daima

Taa ambazo zitamsaidia Zeus

Kulala tena.


Kwa hivyo, Zeus alizaa maisha mbalimbali

Wanyama wa wawitu,

Miti ya ajabu,

Maua mipendeza

-Nyota ya dunia-

Muhimu zaidi:

Watu wa jamii

Mawe ambao wataishi,

Ambao wataimba

Ambao watakucha Miungu hao

Watu walikuwa wakiishi kwa wakati ufupi

Kuishi, kufa tu,

Sayari, zilianguka.

Kwa hivyo, jamii walizaliwa

Siku ya muhimu hiyo.


Miaka mingi iliopita

Na Miungu wabovu husherehekea bado

Bustani salama kwa mbinguni

Ilikuwa ikihumea kuelekea

Mwezi, angani ya mwanga

Zeus alifurahia na mvinyo,

Alikunywa zabibu za damu

Alihisi daima, ajuba

…Hadi Siku moja…

Zeus aliwatazama watu wote –Na-

Aligundua kwamba,

-kama maua katika bustani ya kwanza –

Jamii walikuwa na heri

Maisha wafupi—walikuwa na heri

Waliishi wazima, lakini

Zeus ana mpango huu

Kwa hivyo aliondoka nyumbani yake

 (Katika mbinguni)

Alifika yupo dunia kama paka mkali,

Halafu akakimbea kuelekea vijiji vya jamii

Alipofika watu nyumbani zao, akawachukua moto wao

Aliwaiba watu roho kwa mapafu na moyo wao

Halafu akarudi mbinguni kucheza, kulala salama

Lakini kabla ya atalala, alitia moto wao

Katika mfukoni (Gordian)

Kazi yake ni mwisho.


Prometheus alizaliwa Majitu (Titan),

Lakini aliishi kama Mungu

Badaa ya Prometheus alienda vitani

Kusaidia Miungu hao

-Vita hivyo vyenye damu-

Vilimtengeneza miungu shujaa

Prometheus alimuona Zeus aliwaua watu

-Yeye alimona Zeus aliwachakua moto wao-

Prometheus alihisi huzuni katika roho yake

Aliwaota kwamba watu wana maisha bora,

Alitaka kwamba watu wana maisha yo yote.

Kwa hivyo Prometheus alipata moto wa jamii

Basi aliondoka nyumba yake

Halafu nikafika dunia kama Miungu Majitu.

Alienda kwa mlango mmoja kuenda mlango ijayo

Alikuwa akiwaleta watu moto wo wote wao

Aliwaleta maisha wao tena

Watu hao husherehekea kila siku na

Kuliimba Prometheus jina yake,

Prometheus mwenye hodari,

Prometheus mapepo uzuri.


Hermes Alimuambia Zeus kuhusu moto maisha na

 Zeus alikuwa na hasira

 Zeus na familia yake walimchukua

Prometheus na alifunga mwili wake mgumu

 Kwa jiwe ya damu.

Jiwe ya uovu


Ndege kubwa akambiwa

Kwamba atamwume Prometheus,

 Kuchukua na kukula moyo hodari yake.

-Prometheus, baba wetu, baba wa asubuhi

Juu wetu, nyota wetu-

Prometheus hawezi kufa,

Kwa hivyo umia yake

Huendelea daima

Majeraha wake yalikuwa huponya.


Miezi zilipita hadi mnawake mmoja

Alimsikia Prometheus alia.

Prometheus alipiga kelele

Kwa umia yake.

 Siku moja, siku ya ajabu

Mnawake mwenye, mpendeza

Nywele yake kama mchana ya jua

Moyo wa hodari, moyo wa akili

Malaika wetu wa asubuhi

 Alikimbia kuelekea Prometheus

Wakati alimsikia Prometheus akihapa,

-Alia kwa Mbinguni za tupu-

Mnawake mpendeza, malaika wa asubuhi

Alimona ndege wa ouvu

Mdomo yake walikuwa wakitona na damu

Damu wa Prometheus mwenye hodari,

Malaika alishikilia panga warefu

Panga lenye simu,

(Halafu) Akamkata Ndege kichwa yake

Kichwa kikubwa kilianguka pole

-Kama wimbo ya mahaba-

Mnawake wa malaika alimchukua kichwa cha ndege

(Halafu) akamtupa kichwa hicho

Katika bahari ya hasira

Mnawake akampa Prometheus uhuru yake.


Prometheus na mnawake wa malaika

Walienda kuelekea vijiji wa jamii

Walipofika dunia, Prometheus aliwaambia watu wote

“Watu wazuri, kupigane na Miungu wa shetani na mimi!!

Wamemwaga damu yetu, sasa tutawamwaga Miungu damu yao!”

Watu wa jamii walipiga kelele na walisema

“Panga warefu wetu, damu nyekundu wetu

Ni yako sasa, Katika vita, katika kufa, tutapigana!”


Prometheus aliwaeleza mpango huu-

Kuwadanganya Kuwaua Miungu wa shetani

Kwa hivyo, Watu Wote walipiga kelele

Na Walisema, “Miungu wa shetani, kuje hapa sasa

Walipigane na Sisi!!”

Miungu walikuwa na hasira na akafika dunia

Na Panga wao warefu wa simu,

Miungu hao, wakali, Miungu wa vita

Walikuwa njaa kwa damu

Wakati huo huo

Prometheus alienda kama nyoka upesi

Kwa Moirai (The Fates) nyumbani wao

-Binti za usiku-

Nyumbani ya chafu

Ilijengwa ya buibui

Akachakua Miungu nyuzi za maisha

Na akaiba Atropos’ mkasi yake

-Wazazi wa wafu-

Na, akakata nyuzi hizo

Kwa hivyo, Miungu hao walianguka kama

Mvua la zito,

Katika kaburi ya dunia

Na Prometheus alichoma mbingu yote,

Mioto hiyo huchoma na ilikula

Hekalu za ajuba, ilikula

Nyumba nzuri za Miungu zao.

Watu wa jamii walikuwa viongozi vya mpya

Maisha mafupi na moto wa daima

Roho wa watu hawawezi kufa.

***Copyright 2014. Richard C. Morgan. All rights reserved. ***